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Year 2013 is finally wrapping up for the season, which just seems amazing just shortly it will be 2014.  So as most other bloggers, it’s time to look over 2013 resolutions and get those resolutions out for the New Year.  This year has been a whirlwind of the good and bad all from living in our new state of Virginia and our travel overseas to Australia.  Genki Husband and I feel so blessed to have so many great people in our lives and our faith that help make all of this happen.

All-in-all, year 2013 was good to us and we could never complain for the numerous blessings (good and bad ones).  As for my resolutions I made in January 2013, I believe I have accomplished everything.  Generally I do not look back at my resolutions the last month of the year since I know that what was is in the past is in the past.  It’s best to go into the New Year with a positive attitude and a positive opinion of the previous year – it shouldn’t predict what your future holds for you.  All I remember is I worked hard at accomplishing my goals the entire year and this last month I’m going out with a bang and enjoying my success.

So on to 2014 resolutions – hooray!  As I was thinking of what to accomplish this year I made a mental list of what really is important in my life.  My answer was God, Genki Husband, Genki Furry Babies, health and my friends/family.  Hence, these are the things I wish to focus on this next year as an overall view of the year (More exact ones to come!).

1.  Appreciate what I have right now.  I plan to write a personal journal almost every day of the things that are blessings of the good and bad.  Blessings come in many different forms and although we may not understand the bad all the time, the true reasons for them do come later in life.  This includes the small things in life such as seeing a gorgeous spring flower bloom outside my window or a bee buzz past.  It’s the pleasure in the smallest things that can change a bad day into a good one.

2.  Remove “Average” Label.  A wonderful quote goes, “You have a destiny to fulfill, something greater than you’ve ever even imagined. But if you’re going to become all you were created to be, you’ve got to take off the “average” label.”  Removing this label I believe will free my soul from adhering to the “average” person’s beliefs and ideals for a good life.  I’ll live the life I have always wanted to live – without the fear of not adhering to normal society.

3.  Focus on the positive attributes in my life.  As I sat reading other bloggers’ NYR, I couldn’t help myself from thinking how many people are saying “I want to lose 5 lbs”, “I want to get a nose job” and so on.  These goals struck me on a different level than most while reading these online.  Due to whatever reason, my thought process is much different this year or the fact I am growing into an adult, I do find these comments a bit off kelter.   Why start off by calling yourself overweight when one can simply put that getting healthy is your goal for the year?  The number on the scale determines nothing but a number – the way you feel daily is what really matters.  Neither will a nose job make your life different besides what you see in the mirror.  So this year I plan on keeping positive and removing the negatives (& negative thinkers) from my close proximity.  Happiness comes from inside, not from losing weight or getting a nose job.

4.  Continue to Eat Healthy Amounts of (Clean) Foods.  Veganism does have its attributes such as removing the harmful fats and cholesterol from ones body, this is something Genki Husband and I definitely benefit from daily.  We wish to continue on with healthy eating and continue to fill our plates with fresh fruits and vegetables.

5. Learn to Know Myself.  I will get to know myself really well by discovering what motivates me, what are my strengths as well as my fears.  This shall in turn assist in helping with my positive attitude, happiness, running and body-lifting aspirations.

6.  Open Up to Others.  This is extremely hard for me, since I have lived a life with negative people in it that have hurt me greatly and continue to do so.  I am not a person that wears my heart on my shoulder due to this fact and do have problems with opening up to others beyond my husband.  So, I will be open and let in new people into my life that I feel may be valuable to me.  Additionally, I hope to open up more on Genki Kitty and let you all know more about my life and how to live a healthy one inside and out.

7.  Live a Minimalist Lifestyle.  So many people, ours included, buy things for the mere fact it’s cute or is the right color or etc.  It’s a marketing trap that is hard to detach from but this year I hope to live life in the moment and not live for materialistic things.  So, I hope to keep material distractions to a minimum and only buy the things that I really need.

Keep the smile, Leave the tear,
Hold the laugh, Leave the pain,
Think of joy, Forget the fear,
Be joyous, coz Its new year!
Happy new year!

~ Rhyming New Year Sayings ~

What’s your NYR?  Leave a Comment below, I’d love to hear!