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Good morning everyone and Merry Christmas Eve! It’s so hard to believe it’s here already! My family has been spending quality time together baking, setting up the Christmas tree and shuffling around three dogs. It’s been relaxing to say the least- haha.

In our household I remember getting up not so early on this morning every year and smelling the delicious scent of cinnamon rolls. It was either these rolls or a German traditional rolls pancake that came from the ‘old country’. My mother has for rightful purposes stopped making both since it’s a lot of work but Genki Husband and I keep the tradition rolling yearly. I just love traditions!

Throughout the years we have made different types of cinnamon rolls and every year we love every bite- we all go into food comas around the Christmas trees. This year I wanted to share the recipe we made this year with all of you in hopes if you don’t already have a traditional breakfast that you might gain one- it’s worth the extra work!!!

Our recipes is one we have used a few times and comes out perfect wherever we test it out. Here the recipe below. (Sorry I’m typing by fingers from my iPad so I’m not sure how to put in a hyperlink just yet.)


Merry Christmas Eve!!! We hope you have a wonderful time today and throughout the holiday season!