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Happy National Cookie Day!!!  It couldn’t be more befitting for today to be National Cookie Day since today I’m continuing the Christmas cookie baking celebration.  Have you made yours yet?  Just so you know, Christmas is less than a week away so get going if you haven’t started. Ha-ha

Each year I tend to make a larger than life Christmas cookie list and then Genki Husband goes through the list and cuts it down by about 99%.  His subtraction is merely bringing me back to reality so after a little grumbling under my breath I accept it.  (Then I sneak in a few more recipes while baking.  He-He) The final list has been double checked and here’s the list for 2013:

Gingerbread Men

Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Swirl Sugar Cookies (Also used photos from Pinterest for sprinkles- melted)

Five-Minute Fudge

Normally I make around 10 different types of cookies but this year is a bit different since we are traveling a few more hours to get to our family.  It’s actually about a 10-14 hour drive, depending on Washington D.C. traffic which is very inconsistent so the time range is vast. Additionally, we drive through the mountains which are covered in snow and ice so everything gets shaken up in the car at times which is not the best for traveling with fragile cookies.  If you have the same Christmas challenge, most large chain stores sell decorative tins, plastic containers or even paper boxes now that hold most of the cookies in place for even those long rides.

What’s your favorite Christmas cookie?

Now I’m off for a run – have you worked out today?