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It’s so unbelievably hard to understanding how elated I am to read it is this blogs 5 year anniversary!  Just 5 years ago I was learning more about veganism and how to heal my body from the torture I had put myself through with various diets and “journeys”.  Since this time I have come a long way and now understand that dieting and “journeys” are not the method to live a happy, healthy life.  Learning to eat healthy fresh food, exercising daily and loving oneself are the three ingredients that I wish/hope to teach every person.  Learning this balance is a challenge but hopefully through my blog posts, photos of encouragement, vlogs and working as an official Ambassador for a few organizations to promote this healthy lifestyle to teens I can spread the word.

I want to express my thanks to all of my subscribers and casual visitor to my site.  Each comment or private message really inspires me to keep going on with this blog knowing that I am making a difference in your lives.  In this 6th year as a blogger I intend on getting even more involved and creating more in-depth vlogs.  So, thank you again everyone for encouraging me and continuing to live this Genki Lifestyle with me.  In a way, this is not my anniversary but ours all together.  Happy 5th Anniversary Genki Kitty Blog!