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Wild Kangaroos in Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve while on our Bushwalk in the mountains.

Sorry for the blog entry yesterday, my photos were having some issues with uploading.  I finally gave up this morning and went along and compressed the last few photos so you could at least see them – although small.  Here are the photos I promised from our trip to Canberra, Australia.

Bushwalk in Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. Later when we got into the brush more we were attacked by Bull Ants – ouch!!! In photo:  Genki Husband and Genki Aussie Friend

Driving up to NASA Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex. There are cows, sheep and goats. We actually had to wait for a sheep for a while in the car since he was giving us the stare-down in the center of the road.

NASA Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex. Visitors can go to the small museum and also close to the satellites.

The NASA Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex in Australia.

Love seeing this signs all around the countryside of Australia.

Blue Mountain Bush fires were full on blaze so many firetrucks were driving to the mountains from other locations all the time. This one was from NSW going to the mountains for rescue/ control.

Not Bed Bath and Beyond – just a table. Sorry… Canberra, Australia.

Australia Pasty – usually meat but this one was vegetarian without cheese. This was from a mall court so not the prettiest.

Australia Japanese sushi that was vegan. Yum! This was from a mall court but still nice tasting. Not Japanese quality but it was kinda fresh.

Nudie Coconut water – the best ever! If in Australia, seek this out from the grocery stores in the cold drink section near OJ. It’s delish!

Australian Police Car- Actually NSW, Australia.

Cole’s Grocery Store findings – Australian baked tofu and spinach with rocket. Add together and you have a nice meal. Very tasty tofu!

My Rainbow Dreams vegetarian restaurant in Canberra, Australia. There are vegan options – you just have to tell them. This was actually our favorite vegan restaurant – we went a few times.

Marinated Tofu Burger from My Rainbow Dreams in Canberra, Australia. Vegan! Not strong flavor but does the job. nom nom nom

Bakers Delight Bakery inside a lot of Australia malls. They are open before the stores and have freshly baked pastries and bread. You can ask for pastries without the frosting to reduce sugar and contain no milk.

Breakfast with a smile

Bakers Delight Berry Roll- we were told there was no egg or milk but still not 100% sure.

Nutmeg Coffee House in Aussie Mall

Driving to Canberra from Sydney on Federal Highway. Notice we were on the other side of the road – the ‘wrong side’

Driving to Canberra from Sydney Australia- this is taken from the car as we drove over a bridge.

Driving to Canberra from Sydney Australia- Taken as we were driving in the car.

These photos were all taken by me so I appreciate it if get written permission before using any of them for any purpose, monetarily or not.  All photos have watermarks.  Thanks.