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Yes, I love to walk with my coffee in the morning too.

Last day in Canberra for this trip but we adventured just outside the city and visited the Namadgi National Park which contains a massive 46% of the ACT’s land area.  The ‘granite mountains’ protect the Northern End of the Australia Alps apparently and is habituated by Eastern Grey Kangaroos which are all around the area along with some other native animals such as the magpies, rosellas & wombats.  The specific area we went to is called Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, it’s named after the Aboriginal word for “a place where boys become men”.  It is thought to have been a place where ceremonies were held for this purpose – we did see some rock formations from a distance that appeared to be a meeting location but not 100% sure.  For this reason, Tidbinbilla is on the Australian National Heritage List.  As an added bonus we stopped by the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex which is basically a tracking station for JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) and otherwise known as CSIRO operations.  There are only three of these types of setups in the world; the other two are in Spain and the USA. See more photos in Part 3 of this Canberra, Australia series.

Kingsland Vegan Restaurant in Canberra, Australia. Sweet Potato Cakes and Satay Tofu. Both really good but a bit pricy for the contents.

Kagawa Japanese Restaurant Vegan option. Get the ramen or double check there are no eggs in the udon noodles first.

View from the Ibis Hotel just outside Canberra, Australia.

Namadgi National Park, outside Canberra, Australia.

Memorial Jet for Captain Cook

Doughnut Statue, why not?!

View of Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra, Australia. This is in the center of the city! It’s named after the designer of the city. The name is from the city designers.

Strange Plant that is odd but gorgeous at the same time. It was larger than me!

Another statue in Canberra, Australia. None of them make much sense to me but that’s okay since it’s cute.

Lake George off Federal Highway from Sydney to Canberra, Australia. It used to be Endorheic lake but has now dried up due to a fault line.

Please look to Canberra Part 3 for more photos of the area described at the top.  My photo software is having issues today so I couldn’t upload more even though these photos are finished.  Sorry for the delay.

These photos were all taken by me so I appreciate it if get written permission before using any of them for any purpose, monetarily or not.  All photos have watermarks.  Thanks.