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Let’s make it together Video by me, Genki Kitty!

Baby it’s cold outside… {singing}  Did everyone make it through the cold evening last night?  Here in Virginia we are unseasonably chilly, especially at night time.  By the time we make it home from the gym (a little slower since we go Christmas light searching), it is very dark and chilly.  So what is better than a nice bowl of hot stew waiting for you straight out of the shower – yum!!!  Nom nom nom…  One of our favorites lately is the Post Punk Kitchen’s Dilly Stew with Rosemary Dumplings.  I make it ahead of time and have it sitting in a pot atop the stove so when we are getting all cleaned up after a hard workout it’s ready for us.  Simply turn on the stove before your shower (unless you take 2 hour showers) and have it warmed to perfection when you are finished.  It is a creamy thick soup that fills your stomach and warms your soul.  Thank goodness it is full of healthy vegetables and carbohydrates since you will want to eat the entire thing yourself.

Find the original recipe at the PPK website for free.