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Compliments are a difficult aspect of anyone’s weight loss; it can make or break you throughout different times of your lifestyle change.  In the beginning, compliments can be encouraging and motivating to continue on with whatever it takes to continue getting that outside self-gratification for a job well done.  Beginners commonly fish for compliments to receive attention as a reward system for lbs lost.  It’s so nice to hear positive people around you giving you love and support.  But as many whom have changed into a healthy lifestyle will tell you, outside compliments only get one so far through the process before it becomes detrimental to the process.  Sounds strange, I know, but stick with me here as it is an important step to true happiness and can help solidify the lifestyle change you have already created.

At first, eating less and exercising more will really make a difference in your body and others will definitely notice after the first 10 lbs or so have been lost.  Depending on how much weight you have to lose, at some point in your weight loss people will stop being so positive and give daily compliments.  At this point many people might stop eating, misuse pills, over-workout and etc to lose weight faster just to fish for those missing compliments.  No matter what though, there will be a time when the compliments of ones’ physical appearance stops and inner peace/self-confidence must replace these missing compliments.

Hence, compliments from others mean nothing without first loving yourself.  Why fish for compliments when all it takes is a quick look in the mirror and shine with self-confidence?  To effectively lose weight you must learn to love yourself and forget the compliments.  Sure, compliments can be a nice reward but there comes a time when true happiness must come from within yourself instead of asking others for this gratification fix.  So as you may need more motivation today, I urge you all to take a look in the mirror. Verbally tell yourself how gorgeous/handsome you are today and remind yourself of your healthy eating and exercise lifestyle.  Remind yourself that you are getting stronger physically and muscles are growing where fat used to be in your body.  Your heart is stronger physically and your self-confidence is making your heart beat in delight.

How do you reward yourself for being the amazing person you are?