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Third of December already, when did this happen?  A few weeks ago we were sitting on the beach in Australia and now we are setting indoors, cuddling together partially for enjoyment and the other half to keep warm.  It’s crazy how that day flight changes everything…  The chilly weather really is hitting us hard since we didn’t have that transition phase since we were gone.  We’re handling it the best we know how but it’s difficult to get our bodies to handle the chill while running.  If any of you have tricks to get through cold, cloudy days I’d love to know your secrets please.

Even a short walk to the car to drive to the gym is a bit of a grouch making task (since neither of us are cold weather people).  So the most brisk of evenings we are planning for some indoors exercise.  We used to love doing indoor workouts together when living in Ohio but for some reason we can’t get ourselves to even the lightest of wii workouts.  Strange isn’t it?  It’s a shame too since there are millions of free online workouts.  I will continue to do personal workouts at home alone and go to the gym with Genki Husband at night when we are in the mood.  Working out just once a day is the only requirement I have for my health goals.  Since I love you all, I encourage every one of you to do the same for your health.

A few weeks ago premiered the Victoria Secret Annual Holiday Show and so I figured it would be fitting to showcase a Victoria Secret Model’s full body workout – well her trainer.

WORKOUT HERE:  Full Body Victoria Secret Workout Video

Just for added inspiration, I am adding a video and written interview of a couple (Amanda and Keith Flick) that lost a total of 190 lbs together by exercise and healthy eating.  They not only lost the weight but learned the joy of keeping active and proper eating to maintain for a lifetime.  Enjoy being inspired!

INSPIRATIONAL STORY HERE: Amanda and Keith Flick’s Story on HuffPost Living Canada.