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Traveling to MD on Thanksgiving Morning.

Maybe we should skip the discussion of national budgets and rush to push a bill to have four day weekends every week… hopefully all of you had a holiday-filled weekend too.  Since it has been four days since being in front of a computer screen, I’ll fill everyone in on our holiday adventure to Maryland, USA.

Thanksgiving Vegan Menus.

Thanksgiving Dinner for Genki Husband – no, he could not finish all of it. So delicious though!

Genki Husband, Furry Babies and I all filed into our vehicle and drove to my brother-in-law’s apartment on Thursday morning to kickoff the holiday season.  It was his first time ever hosting a holiday dinner, so it was a learning curve for all of us.  Actually I made our meals ahead of time (he didn’t want to cook anything vegan) so it was rather easy to assure we were to have a delicious, 100% vegan Thanksgiving dinner.  To spread the vegan wealth, we took along sweet potato dinner rolls and pumpkin pie for everyone which were both a big hit.  It’s not Thanksgiving without those two items- yum!  The Thanksgiving table was the middle ground, the peace table if you will for both carnivores and vegans. It was a magic blend of comforting harvest food, ongoing pleasant conversation and good company.  Then we walked off our dinner with a nice city hike.

Thanksgiving Hike in Maryland, USA

On Friday our family tradition is to bring forth all the Christmas decorations from our storage and start the Yuletide spirit.  It’s amazing how much ‘spirit’ our little family has collected over 8 years of marriage, even after thinning out our collection before our move from Ohio a little over a year ago.  Opening the storage Tupperware each year is something we look forward to each year since it beholds memories from our childhood all the way through to our present year of marriage.  This year we were delighted to add two more additional Christmas decorations to the mixture from our trip to Australia a few weeks ago.

Vegan Groceries for 1 week at Christmas time.

Christmas Tree Shopping at Home Depot (DIY store)

Some more shopping was needed so we ended up getting a few things as Christmas presents for family members and friends overseas on Saturday/Sunday.  The spirit was definitely filling the shops and the congested roads.  It’s such a thrill to be shopping on the busy streets lined with glittery lights, fighting through the crowds and searching for the best holiday deals.  We then relocated to Home Depot of all places looking for the perfect small Christmas tree.  After about 30 minutes of searching through all the trees, we finally took the perfect one for purchase.  Then amazingly we were surprisingly hit with the “Pay It Backward” movement, our first ever experience.  The kind woman had talked to us while we were looking for the perfect Christmas tree in the store and was waiting while we went to pay.  Since it was our first experience, we were really confused when she told the cash register attendant she would pay for our tree.  We were shocked, confused & speechless– we weren’t sure what to say in a situation like this one.  It didn’t really register what was happening…  So if you are reading my blog, thank you so much for your kindness.  We hope to spread the spirit with another person in the upcoming weeks.  It’s a great method to share the spirit, try it, it’s addictive.

Spreading the Christmas spirit even on hikes through the VA battlefields.

Other than our holiday filled adventures, we went hiking and adventuring around some battlefields in the area.  Such gorgeous weather requires a little play time outside.

Christmas Spirit even while hiking the battlefields, VA.

Question of Day:  Have you ever experienced Paying it Backward?

Christmas Spirit in Virginia, USA.