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Drive from VA to MD, USA the night before we left for Australia.

Normally on Tuesday I go through an entire list of free online workouts but this week I chose to do something a bit different.  Today I’d like to share with everyone our first day of our Australian adventure, which just happened to begin in the boisterous city of Baltimore, Maryland.

American turkeys saying goodbye as we drove away.

Inside Lebanese restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Just a short drive from BWI.

Sample platter (minus the meat kibbeh and yogurt side sauce)

We chose BWI airport instead of Dulles in Washington, D.C. (closest to our house) since it is said to be less busy and cheaper for parking.  In my mind anything to reduce the total time in the security line is a plus for any traveler.  Firstly we had to get some lunch and a small bite to take with us on the plane.  (Someone forgot to bring the prepared Tofurky sandwiches.  Oops to me)  We ended up going to a Lebanese restaurant for the life of me I can’t remember the name – it’s about 15 minutes from the airport.  If I think of the name I’ll let you know…  Genki Husband and I shared a sample plate and it was enough for the two of us, thanks to the restaurants’ homemade pitas.  Yum!  We also went next door to a taco place and got a bean burrito without the cheese for the plane ride (since airports are very unpredictable in vegan options).

Just in case you ever wanted to know what the BWI airport looks like from the outside.

Our first flight was an hour late starting but thankfully United Airlines’ staff got us off the ground late but arrived only around 20-30 minutes late.  Thanks to their determination we arrived at LAX just in time to find our next flight two steps away.  We had just enough time to purchase a bottle of water and a bag of pretzels – perfect for the long flight.

United airplane from MD to CA – nothing fancy but does the job.

Los Angeles, USA to Sydney, Australia takes around 13-14 hours which depends on the speed/direction of the wind.  Staff members were all very professional and the flight (minus the good amount of turbulence) went off with just one problem: no in-flight shows.  None of the television screens worked in the economy class at all but we slept most of the way and entertained each other with our normal, everyday insanity to pass the time.  Our Canadian seat neighbor also joined in too- thanks so much!

Just in case you weren’t sure – Australia is here on the map. My cute little niece thought it was attached to South America and we were going by car. ha-ha

Finally we arrived in Sydney to the surprise of Bushfires in the Blue Mountains which brought a thick smoke covering the entire city making it hard to see and breathe.  Our plans were to take 3 days in the city and then go on to the Blue Mountains and Canberra.  Due to the bushfires, we chose to stay in the city 1 day and then go off to Canberra.

Welcome to our day 1 of our Australia Adventure. Next up:  Our 1st day in Sydney, Australia.