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Cute flag hung on my running route. Happy Thanksgiving!

Three weeks before Australia, we really did not purchase groceries in anticipation of being gone for half a month.  Genki Husband was worried but I feared not since our pantry is like an Army canteen and it would take at least three weeks to clear it completely out.  And, that’s exactly what we did – well, most of it anyways.  It was a great plan until the day we came back and had to get a few supplies to last us last week.  This weekend was stock up time…

Oh D.C. traffic – you make getting vegan pizza so much slower but more rewarding in the end.

We spent an entire day up in D.C going to our favorites such as Lotta Market, Whole Foods, and Trader Joes.  Normally I take photos of the purchases but seriously there was so much food, it was just too much to handle in one photo.  It was a lot of everyday materials such as tissues, broccoli, whole wheat flour, candles and et cetera.  As we were doing some serious shopping, we had to stop by our favorite restaurant in the area, Loving Hut (USA) and on the way home we stopped by to get some Berkley Vegan Pizza at zPizza.  Mmm After a return from overseas, it’s always nice to get back into normal everyday happenings such as shopping.

Forgot L.H photos but here’s the hard earned pizza!

Thanks to Genki Husband’s work, it was a three day weekend – just what the doctor ordered for our jetlag.  We slept, relaxed over huge piles of magazines and Aussie pamphlets, hiking, dog walking, and of course the normal fall activity of blowing/raking the fallen leaves.  Oh the delights of everyday stuff- it’s nice to be gone but also nice to be home.

Hiking in Wilderness Battlefield, Virginia.

Boring I know as an outsider I know, but thankfully there will be plenty of information coming your way from our Outback Adventure in Australia.  Coming soon…

Not the same as Australian beach from a week ago but still just as gorgeous (only cooler).

How was your weekend?