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Our theory of traveling for vegan food has come to an extreme because…. We’re going to Australia! I’ve mentioned recently we had exciting news and how it has been distracting me from everyday things. Two weeks ago we saw the prices of tickets to Oz go down in price and decided it was time to finally go down there. Our main intention is to visit with my girlfriend and her family and be a total tourist but we also hope to find delicious vegan food. In Japan I worked with this Australian friend and since then we have really grown close but due to flight prices between our two countries, it’s hard to meet-up every year. But, that is about to end soon since we are flying out for around two weeks Down Under. Hooray! I’m so thrilled!

So you may notice my lack in blogging for a few weeks and I’m truly sorry for the interruption. Don’t worry though, I’m still going to be back after our trip and with tons of exciting vegan food and Australian adventures! I’ll try to post when possible but I’ve heard wi-fi is a bit expensive so we may take a lapse in joining the blogosphere and just enjoy our trip down under.

We will be back shortly! If you have any suggestions for Australia, let us know! Love your input as always. Love all you guys that stick around with me, even through my absences. Wish you all the best!