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Being compassionate is very hard, I’m not going to lie.  Throughout my childhood I was brought up in the country, with maternal grandparents as retired farmers it was hard to not have knowledge of the suffering of animals.  By animals, I meant me!  LOL Surely some of you thought I was going to go into the torture of animals and why we as humans should not feel compelled to eat them.  While I do feel as though eating animals is not necessary, I would never tell someone one way or the other.  I love animals and I love being healthy, hence I choose not to eat animals.  But this does not mean I’m going to go on a rant and showcase tortured animals (or humans for that matter) on my site.

Now on to the suffering while visiting my family members on the farm (my rents were not farmers).  For some unknown reason, chickens were always going after me – more specifically my toes.  I’ve had numerous accounts of chickens biting my toes – too many accounts to count on my toes.  At the time, I was almost vegetarian since I ate only chicken tenders occasionally but never red meat.  Maybe it was for this reason?  Who knows…  But it doesn’t lead reason to why birds come after me too?  I should have an irrational fear of birds (Ornithophobia) after how many times my toes have been attacked.  So, I continue to steer clear of eating chickens too and hence this chicken pot pie was made to be 100% vegan.

Pink coloring peaks in my cheeks when I write this recipe was again from Pinterest.  Sorry for all the lack of original recipes, I have been rather busy prepping for something big in our life – more on that in a later post.  But, thanks to My Paper Crane, this adorable recipe came into our life.  The actual recipe was not anything too out of the ordinary but the pumpkin cutouts were too hard o pass up-it’s a fall must have in the kitchen!  So adorable!  The cuter something is, the better is tastes right?  This recipe didn’t disappoint – my husband was gushing about the pumpkins for two days.

Putting it all together

Putting it all together was super easy – almost anyone could do it.  The pumpkins were a bit time consuming since my dough was a bit flakier but if you can find vegan puff pastry in your stores – definitely opt in for it.  Instead of puff pastry I went for a traditional vegan pie crust that used oil instead of butter.  Some to test are on my site (1, 2, or 3).  I just tossed mine together without paying attention to the ingredients so I can’t tell you exactly what I did, oops.  As for the rest of the recipe, I omitted the olive oil and replaced with water and I used chicken-less strips from Wegman’s Frozen Grocery Section (or Trader Joe’s works too).  You could even leave it out if you wanted.  It tasted amazing and was the perfect treat after a long run and full day of work.

After Halloween, go for a plain pumpkin

For the original recipe go here and while there just out the adorable stuff on the rest of the site.  You won’t be disappointed either.

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