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Beets are still in season in our region so we are making the best use of them as they are highly nutritious but commonly forgotten in the United States.  A lot of nights we will make homemade East European vegan borscht but this week I wanted something different.  My choice came from a healthy cookbook that was purchased ages ago from the BBC television show called You Are What You Eat Cookbook by Gillian McKeith.  Thanks to YouTube we started to watch the British version but it grew incredibly popular so it was brought to America for a few years on BBC America.  As always, the original was better but maybe that’s just a personal opinion.  Have any of you seen this show?

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Gillian McKeith basically goes into a persons’ house and invades their kitchen and bathroom.  If you’ve seen the show, you understand the bathroom part… Her credentials are extensive in nutrition, holistic medicine and other endless healthcare science degrees.  In the show she ends up treating one person in a family for special illness/s which usually project to the rest of the family.  Her treatments are about 90% nutrition and fitness, the other 10% is minor vitamins/nutrients that are geared towards an extremely sick person.  Normally though her corrective measures are mostly nutrition with an occasional exercise routine depending on the person on the show.  Her results are truly amazing and really bring to light how much food plays a part in a persons’ health.  A healthy lifestyle can really be achieved by just living a healthy lifestyle.

We’ve had the cookbook in our house for ages and I’ve read through the entire thing.  Yes, I’m one of those strange people that much read through entire cookbooks front to back once I get it.  Other recipes we have done before and enjoyed (minus one that my husband recommended not as work leftovers since it stunk – hello sauerkraut).  Beets were hard to come by up in the northern states but down in the mid to southern states it’s readily available at farmer markets.  Hooray!  If you’ve never had beets, I’d highly suggest roasting them with olive oil in the oven at 350F for about 30-40 minutes, they taste like candy!  Don’t buy the canned type though, it’s not the same.  Word from the wise, wear an apron since the beet juice can stain anything if not washed out immediately.

Simply toss everything in a large pot and boil until the ingredients are tender.  30 minutes or less and ta-dah – dinner for four!  The soup was smooth and hearty.  It didn’t have an abundance of sweetness like many other beet soups but it did have a nice ‘fall flavor’.  It’s hard to explain but it’s similar to a thick, hearty winter soup.  It is a long-lasting, filling soup that doesn’t weigh you down and make you want to take a nap but does put a smile on your face.

Unfortunately since this recipe is in a cookbook and I don’t own the rights, I can’t post the recipe.  Thankfully though I did find the exact recipe located on the main show’s website at Channel 4 BBC.

Just so if you’ve never seen beets… Thanks Pinterest

Extra Recipe:  Last night we made this recipe again, super easy and another great method to use up some nutritional beets.  Rich and Creamy Red Beet Soup