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Such a foodie I am and can’t stop looking up new recipes and collecting them for later.  This is a recipe I came across but new I had to test it out because who can fight with cookies made from 5 ingredients right?  The recipe comes from Leslie over at the Flora Foodie website – another foodie website that caters to anyone that eats food.

These peanut butter cookies only contain peanut butter, flour, sugar, flaxseed and vanilla extract.  Basically just ingredients most of us have in the kitchen already, hooray!  I actually found I had to use another ingredient (almond milk) since it seemed to be a bit dry; I find this a lot in the mountainous area we live so it probably depends on your location.  Finally after a few tablespoons of almond milk, the dough came together and cookie status was reached.  Unfortunately, the baked dough was still crumbly so the cookie came apart a bit but thankfully the taste was just perfect. You can find the original recipe here.

My changes to the recipe were I used:
¼ c unsweetened almond milk
1 tbsp flaxseed with water to make a paste

The cookies turned out only slightly sweet which was a perfect treat without going overboard.  I’d definitely make these again if we lived in a different region so that moisture wasn’t as major of an issue.  The taste was nice but unfortunately the texture just didn’t come out as planned.

Let me know if you make this and it comes out in your kitchen; I’d love to know if I can make this in other areas outside my residential location.  For now we will stick to using the broken pieces on top of banana ‘ice cream’ and as a special granola for topping things like oatmeal.  Mmmm