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Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd President of the United States of America (for those of you whom slept through class) and his plantation (aka an estate) is located in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. During his days, plantations in the south mainly grew tobacco, wheat and various smaller produce crops.  Hence the plantation was built around the construction of the house, the gardens and a forest.  Today visitors can experience his general design of the house (minus most furniture), the gardens minus the produce crops, and the forest of ‘pet trees’.  Months ago we visited the house but on this trip we wanted to explore the hiking trails through the forest and wonder into the garden.

Can you imagine your father giving you this large chunk of land at 26 years of age and it now being designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site? Plus, the house and his picture is on the USA nickel (5 cents) coin.  Truly inspiring…  So let’s take a little tour through photos from our last trip.

Driving through Orange, VA

Go to the back of the house for the garden and hiking trails

Go to the back of the house to enter gardens

Entering the Gardens- Center of Peace

Looking out from iron garden gate into the horse pastures

Mr. Grumpy tree – can you see the face?

The hiking trail sign for the forest

The Hiking Trails & Trees