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Sweet Mama Jane, the tofu rocks!  Sometimes there are tofu recipes with a little bit of this and a little bit of that but then there are some that just turn tofu into a symphony for the mouth.  My inspiration was to use all the pumpkin I could possibly hide into each meal without Genki Husband getting too tired of it in the first week of pumpkin season.  The original recipe actually comes from Heidi Swanson’s Super Natural Every Day.  Now that I have tested this recipe, I know what e-cookbook will be on my Christmas list.

Genki Husband has been working a lot of extra hours so it’s difficult to make a warming casserole without having to reheat it, which I tend to dislike doing on the first go.  Hence, this recipe was perfect because all of the ingredients I could have marinating in a toaster oven pan for an hour or so if he has called in late again.  Then, when he gets home we either have time to exercise or have a little recoup from work time before showers and dinner.  That means I can easily just turn on the toaster oven and we can do something else.  Total cook time was about 25 minutes in the toaster oven, so it was ½ the time of a casserole.

Plus, I loved the recipe contained delicate squash which is in season right now in Virginia.  It’s a light yellow color with green lines stretching from top to bottom.  It’s a first in our household but similar to other squash, it was familiar in taste.  I’d say it was less sweet than a butternut squash and more similar to a kabocha (acorn) squash.  Most are smaller in size so finding ½ cup for this recipe was not difficult and inexpensive compared to other more popular squash available.

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Thankfully the recipe also contains tofu (protein) and the every household essential, kale (vitamins).  Some ingredients that may not be so popular in your kitchen but are staples in ours are white miso paste and also Thai Curry paste.  At first when I read the recipe contained both, I was a bit timid since normally people do not stray from the norm and mix two ethnic pastes together.  It works though because the flavor was rich from miso paste and a bit of a spicy bite from the Thai Curry paste.  Sounds weird but it just worked in every direction.  And if that weren’t enough, the recipe won my heart over with potatoes that come out of the oven just like French fries minus all the fat content.  Can you tell we indulged and dove into this recipe with a large fork?

As for making the recipe, it was super easy to put together and as I stated I prepped everything ahead of time and then baked it later.  The ingredients were easy to find in our stores and I imagine the only two ingredients difficult would be the miso paste and Thai curry paste, both of which you can purchase online or in an Asian store.  Only a few items were changed when we made this recipe but we didn’t seem to regret having the original was the lemon (we used 2 limes) and we subtracted the pepitas.  Other than that, we kept everything the same and it worked perfectly!  Serving it over rice made it the perfect for an after work one-pot dish for Genki Husband.  Mine was without much rice and I loved it!

Warms up nicely in a bento.