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A new website for me but not hard to believe it’s an instant sensation, is Hilah Cooking.  She’s a very high-energy filled person (much like me) that just makes a viewer instantly become addicted, if you can keep up.  She’s proof that recipes do not have to be pretentious to be delicious, affordability does not have to be part of the equation. Her recipes (not 100% vegan) consist of all natural ingredients that can easily be found in just about any grocery store.

This particular day I was hoping to use up some sunflower seeds that have been sitting in our fridge for a few months.  Genki Husband and I both are not fans of sunflower seeds but we had some leftover from another recipe that required them.  No wasting food in our household…  These little babies have tons of protein considering the beans and sunflower seeds so I highly suggest it for a nice meal after a hard workout.

Our final outcome was of mixed opinions.  While we did like the burgers, it was a bit under-seasoned for our explosive taste-bud needs.  The recipe would be easy to spike with flavor though, if you are like us.  Simple add some Cajun seasoning, jalapeños or etc.  We did double the spices but it just wasn’t enough as written.  The texture was like a traditional bean burger but with wheat germ dredging on the outside.  Do to the wheat germ, we found it was better on a bed of salad instead of on a bun.  But again, this is our own opinion and for cooking beginners, this recipe would be super easy and very fulfilling to have on the table.

You can find the original recipe on Hilah Cooking website and even watch the video.