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Pinterest addiction, oh how you provide for my family…  Pinterest is rather new to me however it’s an instant love affair and addiction.  If I find a few minutes of free time, I tend to get on Pinterest and browse the endless food porn and pin what I want to make next.  As of right now I have 120 pins to try (check them out under ‘recipe to try’) and look at these recipes frequently.  Most I have to convert to vegan, but others are already simple enough I don’t really have to do anything at all.  Last week I tested out a recipe I found that just accidentally was vegan and had simple ingredients.

So I tested out the Starbucks vanilla Scones with Vanilla Bean Frosting but had a little fun with it.  Before going vegan, Genki Husband and I used to go out every week to Starbucks and delight ourselves with a large dark roasted coffee and a scone.  It was a relaxing time for the two of us to just sit, talk, read, or whatever while enjoying each others’ presence.  Times like these are mere memories now after moving to the country where it takes about 30 minutes to get anywhere, so my first instincts were to make these any recreate this special time together.

Thankfully this recipe was really easy to toss together one afternoon seeing as it was 90F and 100% humidity, LOL.  Instead of a vanilla bean I used the more economical version – vanilla extract.  Even though I made this change and used unsweetened almond milk and dairy-free butter the scones came out perfect.  Again, it’s a simple recipe so it’s hard to go wrong.  The taste came out just as expected and we could not have been more thrilled.  I did change up the frosting (since I ran out of powdered sugar and had already made a cake), so I decided to go ahead and make our little conversational scones more black tie.  It worked perfect!  Genki Husband asked for me to keep this recipe and make again when it gets a bit cooler in the fall – so it must be delicious.  Enjoy!

The Original Photo from Pinterest

Recipe Actually Comes From: So Rumbly in my Tumbly

Another Starbucks Favorite (although I can’t have it since it has nutmeg): Pumpkin Scones Video:

What’s your favorite scone flavor?