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Yogurt is extremely hard to find in our local area.  In our local area, the only option is to purchase individual containers that are artificially sweetened, something we try to steer clear of in our household.  So we tend to make this recipe as a sort of mock up version that has all natural ingredients and no added sweeteners.  Best yet, it takes about three minutes to put together and my husband tells me it lasts the entire morning unlike other options.

As with all ingredients, work with the seasons on this recipe.  For instance, last time I made this recipe I used strawberries since it was a berry in season.  When we lived in the Midwest and blueberries were inexpensive to find in the fall, we leaned towards those and so on.   Genki Husband loves berries, so we tend to work with them but if you have another fruit in mind go right for it and see what works for your taste-buds.  If that weren’t easy enough, test out different portions too.  Someday I make this with one banana and some with two – it really does not matter.

Serves 1 hungry person
½-1 cup coconut milk (I tend to use Trader Joe’s canned lite Coconut Milk)
½ c strawberries (or other berry), sliced or diced
¼ c mixed raw nuts (Trader Joe’s)
2-4 tbsp raisins
½-1 apple, diced
Sprinkle of ground cinnamon, optional
Mix it all together in a bowl and there you have it!  Enjoy!
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