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Sometimes a person just doesn’t really feel the need to sit inside one’s house and bake in a hot kitchen with a hot stove.  Hence, the other night I chose to make a cold summer fruit cobbler for dessert instead of a hot selection.  It was so easy to toss together and simply delicious I can’t believe I haven’t made it yet.  All those years in a hot kitchen when I could have been outside sitting in the cool breeze…  I should have known there was an easier solution.  So, try not to make the same mistake as me (unless that is you prefer a hot kitchen experience).

Makes 2-4 servings
Cobbler Crumble
5-10 Almonds, finely chopped
2-4 tbsp Dried Unsweetened Coconut, shreds
2-5 Dried Dates, finely chopped
Zest of 1 Orange
Fruit of your choice (here’s what I used)
1 Orange, cut into small chunks
2 peaches, seeded, cut into small chunks
2 plums, seeded, cut into small chunks

1.  Finely chop all of the cobbler crumble ingredients in a small bowl.   Or just sprinkle all the ingredients as you chop individually divided among the serving bowls.

2.  Cut all the fruit into small chunks; divide among all the serving bowls.

3.  Top the mixed fruit with the crumble.  Serve and enjoy!