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For a while now I’ve been watching (okay, maybe stalking) this website called Thrifty Living.  It’s written by a Canadian expat that now lives in England with her husband.  She writes in not only American measurements but also British measurements (yes, they are different).  Her recipes generally do not cost much to make in the states and are mostly on the healthy side.  Genki Husband has been asking for a vegan burger but after last year, we are tired of the recipes on have on file on my laptop.  So, I decided to make this recipe by Thrifty Living.

Generally I kept to the original recipe but did divide the olive oil in ½ and doubled the garlic.  Additionally I doubled all of the spices since it was just not enough to our personal taste buds.  We did find the mock burgers were tasty and very similar to making falafels.  If we were ever to make these again, I would take my oil-free recipe for baking falafels and just add the breadcrumbs, mushrooms, and lime juice from this recipe.  The final product was tasty and nice for a hot summer evening.

Homemade Whole Wheat Burger Buns Used

Original Recipe Here

Video Instructions to Make These Vegan Burgers (me)