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Do you ever have one of those weeks for unknown reasons are completely tired?  Well, this week was our week and it hit us hard.  Hence, after our scheduled run we decided to go for something nutritious but fast.  In our fridge was a container of fresh mushrooms so we remembered a fantastic recipe by Oh She Glows that not only required mushrooms which are high in energy providing B-Vitamins and potassium but also super vitamin packed collard leaves.  In the southeastern states, collard leaves are extremely popular but if it’s never been on your plate you might be surprised it how much it tastes like kale.  It does have a slight more pepper flavor but just as good.

The recipe inspiration was from Original Trial of Recipe and is called, “Cozy Millet Bowl with Mushroom Gravy and Kale”.  We didn’t have most of the ingredients that were in the original but I kept the general idea and similar ingredients when we had them in the house.  It’s just a twist from my kitchen on this instant favorite.  Note:  You may recognize this recipe since I first cooked it during our one-month hotel stay upon moving to Virginia almost one-year ago.