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What to eat when you’re really hungry after a long hike?  A weekend ago Genki Husband and I were starving the day after our return from our hiking trip.  Apparently we had worked off a lot more than we had figured and our bodies were asking for a full breakfast.  I’m personally not a big breakfast person, in fact, before meeting my husband I never ate breakfast.  Husband was begging for something ‘serious’ to eat so why not have a large fry-up as they like to call it in England and Australia.

My girlfriend was telling me just today the hardest part of her job as a stay-at-home momma to the most gorgeous little girl is deciding upon dinner.  Personally I love making dinner and can’t wait to pick out the recipes – but then again I’m a foodie so I’m a bit different.  It got me thinking though, does anyone else have this issue?  So, I went ahead and found a photo from this last weekend when we returned from our long weekend trip.  This was our breakfast plates to re-energize our bodies from the hard workout.  When one works out more than normal, it is essential to take in more calories than normal.  So, if you are having a hard workout and want something super special, here is an idea for a good vegan breakfast.  Enjoy!

Tofu scramble (mock eggs)
Grilled zucchini with onions
Tomato slices
Grilled vegan hot dog (husband had vegan sausage)
½ grapefruit each
Homemade biscuits
Tons of water (usually we have fresh squeezed OJ but water was necessary)

What is your favorite after a long hiking trip? Comment Below, pls!