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Nope, I didn’t forget this week.  My weekend recap of Maryland was a bit long so I figured I would play catch-up in another blog.  We did manage to get to a farmers’ market in Maryland but only purchase a few things since we weren’t sure if the produce would make it through the heat to our house in Virginia.  For the rest of the produce we went to our local Wegman’s Grocery Store where we purchased the bulk of the ingredients for this week’s nutritional meals.  Nothing that exciting but we did manage to find some Silk non-dairy yogurt at our local store finally.  I actually wrote to Silk a week or two ago and asked why they didn’t sell any in our local stores even though their brand website said it did.  They responded with the generic answer, “stores get to choose and select what they want to sell”.  Not really an answer to my question but at least now our local store is magically selling the Silk individual sized packages.  Unfortunately they are not selling the larger tubs that are more economical (we will continue to purchase ours up in D.C. for this reason).