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We’re home Virginia, did you miss us?  Early Friday morning my handsome husband, my two furry babies and I drove to Maryland to visit my brother-in-law.  It’s just a short two-hour drive so it’s not that bad of a drive with the four of us in our beloved car. Furry pup is extremely dependent so it’s almost impossible to leave her alone while furry cat is a bit too mischievous to be home alone for too long.  So, both furry babies go with us when gone overnight.  But yea, instead of writing tons, I figured I’d highlight specific things instead of boring you with all my jibber-jabber…  since I’m sure you don’t want to read it anyways.. LOL Enjoy!

Leonardtown, MD

General Walking Around: Don’t even think about littering at these picnic tables – no excuses!  BTB Coffee Bar:  It was just before lunch but very humid so we needed a refreshment to make it until the restaurant.  Thankfully they had soy milk options upon request.  There is a menu but unfortunately there are no vegan options.  The coffee frappucino was delicious though.  My stars mark the restaurant.California, MD

Bollywood Masala appears to be a chain restaurant in the area since we saw a few, not sure though.  Since many Indian people are vegan, this restaurant along with many others will have vegan options clearly marked.  Hubby and I both chose to have vegan options but I’m not so sure it was vegan. There was something that appeared to be Indian cheese but was supposed to be tofu.  It tasted like cheese so I’m thinking it wasn’t tofu (husband thought the same).  Not sure about that but it was delicious after eating around the mystery item.  Unfortunately naan is not served like normal – one has to order it special, even with curries.  Not sure how they wanted us to eat authentic Indian style with ones’ fingers…Thai Inter is actually next to Bollywood Masala and is another great vegan option.  A good amount of Thai people do only eat vegan (especially fro religious purposes), so there are always available options.  This restaurant even has mock duck options for two dishes (good).  The size portions are extremely generous and the staff is really kind. The Coffee Quarter was where we decided to pick up some coffee in the morning.  As we walked in we thought it was heaven!  Seriously they roast their own coffee beans!  Front and center is the roaster and bags of coffee beans.  The coffee was pretty good but unfortunately again no vegan options. Solomon’s IslandLotus Kitchen LLC was really exciting to find.  With the name, we anticipated it to have some good vegan options.  Thankfully we were just hot and looking for something cold to drink because there were no vegan options.  Vegetarian options are available but cheese is the main feature in each of the dishes.  We ordered a kiwi Italian Soda which was nice and cooling.  St. Mary’s

St. Clement’s Island was a place my husband loved last time he visited so he wanted to take me to tour.  This island was owned by a doctor in the 1800’s and the family house also had a lighthouse (tour available is nice).  The island is quite small so I understand the need to alerts seamen of the shoreline.  To get to the island we took the government owned ferry which has tickets available in the St. Clements’ Museum (tickets also include the museum tour).

Patuxent River Navel Air Museum is located just outside the Navy Air Base and is open to anyone for free.  It has a good amount of model airplanes, engines and old airplanes sitting outside.  This was a great hit with our small crowd of people.  Highly suggested for all ages – hey, it’s free so who can complain?

Anyone else been to Maryland?  Suggestions?