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Hunky husband and I have been working on two different intense training plans: Garmin ½ Marathon Running Program and Jamie Eason’s Weight Lifting Program. Since moving to Virginia I have gained about 10 pounds due to stress, lack of gym for a few months, and the omission of our old nearby healthy food stores.  Life happens and that’s why I’m not too let down by the gain of weight and loss of lean muscle mass.  Now we both just have to work it out and get back into shape once again.  Even the best athletes at some time start to get aches and pains and mine seem to be thanks to this weight gain, mainly in my lower back.  So here are some workouts to relieve some of that stress in your lower back.  Even if you don’t have lower back pain, go ahead and do this workouts every once and a while and build those muscles up to perfect working order.

1.  Back Website:  This site has three different levels of workouts that can be done at various times of the day.  Each workout has a video that you can watch to assure your posture is correct because just as with lifting weights, pain relieve is all about positioning your body correctly.

2.  Lower Back Exercises Website:  Something I love of this site is it has not only lower back exercises from as general as sitting at a computer desk too long all the way to sciatica.  It has a little bit of something for everyone.

3. Stretches for lower pain on YouTube by Caroline Jordan

4.  Yoga Today:  Easy to do yoga stretches to relieve stress on your lower back.