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myweekendOne thing one learns from moving to VA is the state was built by the petroleum companies.  Okay so maybe this isn’t 100% truth but it appears to be since one must drive absolutely everywhere to do anything.  That was the story of our Saturday.  Crazy note about me – I hate being in the car for long distances.


Our morning started off with homemade tofu breakfast sandwiches and the Fredericksburg Farmer’s Market – best in the area!  We purchase just about all our groceries here and just love the vendors.  Only the fruit we do purchase from Wal-Mart since the price is half that at the farmers’ market.  Most fruit at the stores and at the farmers market is all from Georgia & Florida right now so it doesn’t matter where we purchase.

After our produce was in our large cooler with ice, we headed on down to Ruther Glen’s Virginia Bazaar.  It is a large flea market we have seen quiet a few times while driving on I-95 (major interstate that goes straight to D.C.).  Each time we mention, “we should go there” and this weekend was our turn.  We made it around 10:30-11A.M. and we were surprised the lacking in vendors.  The parking lot is gigantic so we thought there would be plenty of vendors but there were only around 10-20 outside and less than 50 inside.  Maybe it was a preconception of what would be there but we were surprised most of the stuff was leftovers from garage sales.  (Imagine boxes of socks, old toys and some dusty 10 year old paperback books.)  We are extremely picky so maybe we are not the best to judge.  Anyone been there?  Opinions? Finally back in Fredericksburg we managed to do a little more general shopping and even managed to donate some gently used clothes to charity.  Something I love about VA is the flowering trees!  Since moving here just less than a year ago, I have taken millions of photos.  Not sure what they are called but they are gorgeous and smell good.

Finally home we made it to the trash receptacle area to dispose of our trash (our gated community requires we drive 3 miles within the gates to dispose of it).  The hours are a bit tricky if one works, so we haven’t done it in about 3 weeks I think.  Oops!  It smelled so bad and especially after we spilled some liquids on the liner of the trunk.  BTW, if you get a Prius – definitely purchase a heavy-duty liner. To end the night (after cleaning the car trunk) we made some fresh cauliflower and chez dinner and watched IT Crowd from BBC (Netflix). Sunday was a really quiet day and we stayed home reading, cleaning the house and chilling with the furry babies.  I was excited to see we have mushrooms growing in our yard.  Not sure if they are edible…Before dinner we went to the gym to do another 1 hour weight lifting workout from the Body Building website.  It was almost empty except for one lady – and look what her workout fluid of chose!!!  It was a venti Starbucks chocolate swirled drink with chip cream.  Oh my, I think that would make me sick.  Gasp!

For dinner we went ahead with making a straight from the freezer menu.  Remember our homemade pasta?  It was uncooked before we froze it and after boiling some water you just toss it in and after 5 minutes it’s done.  Super easy!  Dried pasta takes longer.  Then we used marinara sauce from Trader Joe’s and Gardein Chicken Fillets (minus the sauce) toasted in the toaster oven.  The entire meal took less than 10 minutes.  Super easy and delicious!  To end the night we watched Top Gear Season 19 with a nice bottle of Guinness. 

How was your weekend?