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Who needs a little motivational push today?  *slowly raising my hands -yes both of them.  It’s Friday and I’m having some difficulties pushing through with my daily workouts because well it’s the last day of the week so it’s okay, right?  WRONG!  To make lasting impressions on your life, one must stay committed every day not just when you have a little free time before bed.  This last week for the husband and me we have found ourselves sluggish and really not into the whole “ya gotta move to lose” theory.  My attitude hasn’t been the best since my abs hurt from all the situps and no physical results are appearing.  I get it, I really do – results are supposed to prove that one has been doing the hard work.  Trust me, if I’m going to be doing all this work I want people to know about it and I’m not just talking about me bragging of my work.  Nope, I want people to see that my arms are getting toned or my jeans size has shrunk 1/4 of an inch or whatever…  It’s hard when one isn’t seeing any results but just say to yourself, “No, I’m worth it so I’m going it anyways.”  So go out there and enjoy an active Friday workout.  Have some fun with it!

There, I feel better; do you?