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I’m not the type to celebrity idolize of any sorts but I do love to see what they are eating and doing for workouts.  Let’s face it, it’s not the person 100% it’s the trainers and personal chefs that are going the extra mile to bring forth new and exciting workouts to entertain the rich and famous.  It’s a great peak into new workouts that might hit the market in the future.  So here are a few celebrity workouts I found to share with you this week on Free Workout Tuesday. 1.  Weight Loss and Training:Written mainly for men (women go ahead if you’d like), this website has different week training level schedules for body lifting.  Trying to get into your own routine can be difficult but once you start following along the lines of others, it makes it easier to create your own.  The workouts give celebrity body style types such as Matt Damon, Matthew McConaughey & Jason Statham.

2.  Pink’s Workout:  Everyone that has seen Pink knows she’s in the best of shape all the time.  She definitely has her up and downs but she’s always fit.  Now you can take a glimpse in the life of her workout week.

3.  Charlize Theron:  I personally do not know much about Charlize Theron but apparently after a little research she is also known for her training perfection and takes it seriously.  That’s a bonus in my opinion so her training plan is definitely worth a look into for fun.  This is a schedule that’s similar to what she enjoys to do to keep fit.

Photos:  All from the free website, Pinterest.  Check out other great photos, workouts and recipe ideas here and click add Genki Kitty!