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As it was hot this week, the husband and I took to the beach a few times to cool down a bit.  It’s funny to note, even though you may live on a lake the pools will still be busier than the lake on hot days.  Hardworking hubby and I decided we needed something fun to eat while at the lake.  Since we live seriously in the middle of nowhere, finding options is a challenge.  Then I found it!  Two of my favorite childhood snack foods combined:  Dill Pickles and Potato Chips.  Yes, yes yes!  Husband was a bit overwhelmed with all my excitement and cheering in the store.

Upon opening the bag, I was amazed the air that seeped out smelled of delicious dill pickles!  I was skeptical but the chips really did smell great.  Unfortunately the taste wasn’t as strong as I would have preferred.  Remember though I do love dill pickles and have drunk the juice on occasions.  Hey, I’m German so I get a free ride on this one right?  Husband backed me up on this one and agreed while there was a slight after taste of dill it was just not as much as expected.  There is a dill flavor though.  The entire bag of 3 servings disappeared in about 2 days though, so I guess the taste made the cut.  If you are expecting a total dill pickle explosion it’s not going to happen but there is a nice, gentle after flavor left in your mouth for those not as much committed to pickles as me.  Normally we do not purchase potato chips (besides PopCorners) but we do occasionally and might think about getting this flavor again if we see it.

Frito Lay’s Website List of Non-dairy items around the world (link)

What’s your favorite Potato Chip Flavor?