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If you’re sweating already you might as well make it work for you.  It’s 105F already and it’s still morning.  My first inclination was to hibernate in our house all day long and not get out for a workout until the husband was home.  But, thanks to a colleague of his, he took a ride to work and I got the car for the day.  We actually sold my car after I quit my job and went full-time to working at home.  Today though I had a happy moment when I finally drove during the daytime to the gym and get a good workout in by myself.  I love working out with my husband but sometimes I just want to sweat it out even if he’s at work.  It was 1 hour of full bliss, along with a lot of older people working out.  As I was doing some intense interval training on the treadmill, during a rest period a cute old man next to me stopped and said, “you know, the reason why we hate you is because of all that running”.  Haha  He was so cute…  too funny!  I didn’t know what to say but to go another mile.  Boy was I sweaty but I figured if I was outside I’d be just as much so but without the calorie loss.  So why not just work it out and be proud.

Anyone said something funny to you at the gym?  Share your experience in the comment section.