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Okay so obviously my internal calendar is all messed up since last week I was a day behind and this week I’m two days behind.  At least in little over a month I’ll be back on schedule – just not on the right date. Ha-ha

Weather has really been harsh this last week, everyday over 100F/38F and full of humidity.  It’s the type of weather that makes carpets, clothes and etc feel drenched all the time and ones’ lungs feel heavy just taking in air.  It’s a change that the DH and I are trying to get used to since it’s not a normal thing in the north.  Hello South – please be nice to us northerners.  Thanks.

Our workouts have been shorter than normal but that’s okay because sweating can be achieved without even moving.  LOL.  Genki Point:  It’s good to keep active but one must remember not to over push the limits of ones’ bodies.  Health (genki) first my dear genki friends.  So, the DH and I have found a few spots to take shorter runs throughout the week in the shade and we have also been following along with a wonderful body building plan from Body Builder Website, which we love.

Funny enough, I found this website one week for the basic plans but I did not know the website had full plans for specific types of needs.  For instance, the plan that I am currently doing is the weight loss + toning of muscles category.  There are other full 12 week plans (free) for weight loss, “big man on campus” (I’m guessing for extreme muscle toning) and etc.  Each day has a different point of interest to body build which is rather nice if you do not want to spend hours in the gym.  I believe it takes the DH and me about 45 minutes each day- perfect for busy people.  We actually do not lift everyday but that’s okay since we run in the sun.  The workouts end up being tough but not so much you can’t move the next day.  Additionally each workout has a food plan (carnivore so not for us) and helpful suggestions on how to further your weight loss and other daily tips for a healthier lifestyle.  It’s a one stop plan for free!

Right now we are working through Jamie Eason’s workout plan for 12 weeks and love it.  I highly suggest it.  We haven’t tried any of the other workouts so I can not state the effectiveness but I am sure the others are just as good.  Check them out below.

My current lifting workout:
Jamie Eason’s Body Building Workout
For other plans:
Go to the main page.  Click on the “Find a Plan” button and choose among the different trainers and plans on the side panel to the left.


Anyone have a free workout that you would like me to share next week?