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myweekendHow does the weekend seem to fly past without leaving a “sorry I missed you” sticky note?  It’s hard to believe its Monday and the middle of July.  This is our first summer as a resident in Virginia so we are still learning the weather patterns and lay of the land.  Whether it be normal or not, it seems like just now we are getting some traditional summer weather that we generally can count on – hot and humid.  Weather in the southern states do seem to be a bit more temperamental (or can we claim it’s weather hormones?), especially when it comes to humidity.  Lately I’ve found myself checking the weather of the last few places we have lived to assure myself that this isn’t normal.  Anyone else do this?  Unfortunately I have no clue – the humidity levels are actually higher up north than down here but it seems to set in closer to the ground level.  By this I mean the air is thick and one constantly feels drenched with sweat.  Lovely isn’t it?

So with the climate changes and the funky weather this summer, the Genki Husband and I needed a break this weekend to recuperate and regroup.  The last two weeks we have found it hard to run outside because of the thick air creating breathing problems and inside treadmill work creating extreme boredom.  Now I understand the gym design plans full of windows and televisions near the treadmills, it’s to keep ones sanity while inside.  Complaining aside we just relaxed at home and sat outside in our brand-new Coleman canopy tent complete with mesh wall side panels (a definite if living in the south).

Other than sitting outside reading our magazines, books, going to the beach and me checking out the series Ruby on Netflix, we did make it to the farmers market.  We purchased a large selection of times, seeing as we had nothing in the house after our trip up north.  Instagram will now continue as normally programmed to showcase delicious, healthy meals instead of sad piecemeal ones.  Additionally (not shown) we managed to make it to a brand-new Wal-Mart in our area that had watermelons for sale for only $3.88!  That’s about $1-2 cheaper than other stores nearby – jackpot!  We actually went twice because we finished off the first watermelon this weekend and wanted to make sure we had another one for this week.  Leave a comment below if you love watermelon!

How was your weekend?