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Sorry this is a bit late, we arrived back home in Virginia on Monday evening late so I’m just getting back into our normal schedule.  It was a nice break from rainy Virginia but stressful so this week is all about relaxation and detoxing from all the Michigan food.  My search for this week’s free online workout pinpointed the perfect stress relieving exercising.  Each person is different so try to seek out what is best for your mental & physical state and reduce that stress.  Let me know in the comments section how you reduce your stress.

1.  Mayo Clinic Yoga video that is specifically geared towards reducing stress and helps one relax.

2.  My Yoga Online Meditation is a great way to not overwhelm ones body after returning from vacation but nonetheless helps reduce those bad toxins from the trip.  Meditation is not something I do everyday but I have heard can really clear the mind and body if you practice it daily.  This link has some wonderful meditation videos that you can sample in full length without purchasing.  If you find you love the videos, go ahead and purchase and support those helping others on a journey to healthy living.

3.  Zimbio  Tai Chi workout from a website I had never seen before but was surprised to see all the free streaming workout videos.  Hooray for free online options!

Let me know your favorite stress-reducing workout routine.  Comment Below