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So I have to admit, Genki family and I returned home on Monday from a mini vacation and it has completely screwed with my thinking.  The entire day I have been thinking it was Wednesday up until I looked at the calendar and found out it was Thursday.  Hopefully other vacation-minded people are out there and it’s not just me.  Tonight, even though it’s not Wednesday, I need some motivation to keep going through the week.  It’s always hard to start back up after not taking our ½ marathon training seriously in Michigan.  Last night DH and I went weight lifting for about 1.5 hours and boy am I feeling it today in my arms (especially in that wobbly part that every woman hopes to remove-yay!).  Pain the next day is always a good thing when it comes to weight training because it means you are working those muscles.  Today I’m not feeling the workout though, so inspiration/motivation is necessary today.  How about you all?

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