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Back in Virginia, finally!  As many of you may have noticed from my Instagram account, the DH, furry babies and I have been in Michigan for a mini vacation back to our hometown.  It was our intention to visit family and have a few moments of relaxation but we took control of a lot of landscaping maintenance and a lot of driving around to both of our family houses.  Then there was the freshly grown produce from local farmers, which is always a large part of our travels.  Hopefully all of you American readers were able to celebrate our countries’ birth with a bit of good ‘ol American BBQ.  It was also a nice way to remove ourselves from the constant daily Virgina Rain.

So we were gone for six days (2 travel days) and we visited our local farmers’ market twice in Michigan, once in Virginia and our grocery store twice.  Is that weird?  Additionally we stopped by our favorite vegan restaurant called Flaming Ice Cube in Boardman Ohio.  Even though we did live in Cleveland, Ohio where the flagship restaurant is located, we prefer the Boardman location since it has free parking and is much less busy.  Generally we just call 20 minutes ahead while traveling through and it’s ready when we get there – perfect for traveling and the want for vegan fast food (but not really).  Since I used drove while the other two ate, I didn’t get photos sorry.

But yeah, that phrase “will travel for food” really does follow along with our traveling methods.  One reason we chose to travel to Michigan for the 4th was because it coincided with the start of blueberry season.  Hooray!!!  Michigan soil is complete with glacial minerals so blueberries have the best flavor of all other states.  It’s always a mystery if one is sweet or tart- living as a rebel I know… ha-ha.  Other fresh produce is about the same as we get in Virginia such as zucchini, kale, beets, and tons of fruit.  It was also really funny because both sides of our families bought us a few tubs of hummus – so we basically ate it every meal.  Then there was a container of Silk Soy Milk Ice Mocha Latte (tastes the same as chocolate soymilk, not coffee).  Additionally there was tons of vegan eats, once out to eat at Red Robin’s.

Our 4th of July involved mowing two different country-sized lawns, which meant basically the whole day.  In the evening we went to the in-law’s house on the lake to have a BBQ party and watched the fireworks through the beautiful pink sunset.  It was just a gorgeous sunset for the celebrations.

So even though the weather wasn’t always perfect in Michigan (sometimes foggy and more rain) we had a delightful time.  Now we need a vacation from our vacation.  Our furry babies, Adorable Hubby and my brother-in-law had a lovely time traveling all the way up to Michigan from Virginia together but are happy to be home now.

How was your 4th of July in America?

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