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What’s more inspirational than a 4th of July BBQ party worth of freedom food?  Normally my BBQ parties involve a lot (and I mean and abnormal amount) of watermelon.

Look at this cute Watermelon


This year we are traveling the 11 hours to visit family in Michigan.  It’s a bit hard to take something extravagant so we are making some staples before the parties begin…  We love Popcorners right now so we have a few bags to take along in the car.  Then we plan on making homemade guacamole and salsa.  Yum!

Directly from the BBQ, we plan on spreading the mouthwatering meat alternatives such as Tofurky Sausages (which we can actually buy in our small hometown) and Vegan Hot Dogs.  Normally when we take these along, many people eat them and not know they are meat-free.  We’ve been at parties where people are raving about the sausages/dogs and when we go for ours the meat-free ones are completely gone.  So funny!  Then there is always corn in Michigan and it doesn’t get any better than directly from the grill.

What’s your favorite item/s for 4th of July?  Or your countries’ Independence Day celebration?