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Today has been really strange in the weather department.  It was first 98F and now it’s storming like crazy and cooling down.  We do have a gym membership but with tornadoes being threatened in the area, I’m not sure we will venture out.  If we’re having strange weather, I’m sure we’re not the only ones.  So if you’re stuck inside like us here’s some workouts you might want to test out tonight.

1.  If there is one thing my husband has grown to learn after working it out in the gym is I absolutely love free weights.  Literally I could be in the gym lifting for two hours and not realize it.  I just go through a ton of different types of lifts but if you are a newbie or just want something to follow along with while lifting weights.

Women’s Health Magazine Original

2.  No-Cardio Workout had me a bit confused since it is geared towards runners.  Working out in the gym does not come natural to me –Love it but I’m not a natural born gym bunny.  Henceforth I’m constantly watching others in the gym use the equipment and follow through with his/her routine.  No I’m not one of those creepy people trying to steal someone else’s routine but I want to learn how to perfectly use the machines.  Our gym doesn’t have an orientation process, so it’s just “learn as you go” type of process.  Here’s a workout I plan on running through this week and I hope maybe it will assist all of you in the process.

Men’s Fitness

3.  Here’s another free weight lifting workout routine that is not only free but also shows a newbie how to lift the weights correctly.  Sure one can go into the gym and lift some weights but being in the gym is serious business and even if you are lifting 3 pounds in each arm one can get hurt.  This is one of the reasons I watch others to see how one should lift properly – then I also look at videos such as this one to assure they were doing it right. Ha-ha.

Muscle and Strength

4.  Mayo Clinic has a list of some simple workouts for those of all ages.  Remember it’s not about how much you lift, it’s more of how you lift it.  This link has some easy ideas for those of you just starting out or just need a few toning ideas to add to your already prepared workout to switch things up.

Mayo Clinic

Note:  I’ve been there, if you don’t have free weights a set of anything small and heavy work too.  I’ve been known to use large water bottles, textbooks, the cat and etc.  I’ve tried the husband a few times, he gets a bit irritated though so I don’t suggest it.