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Lately I have been really involved with training for our ½ marathon and trying to get things done for work.  So, the recipe creation department just hasn’t been in full force operation.  Thankfully I have been keeping a list of recipes I have wanted to test out from other talented bloggers.  I thought I would spread some blogger love and share the recipes and reviews that we’ve tested this last week.

1.  Raw Rhubarb Butter Crumble Bar from The Mommy Bowl.  Rhubarb in Virginia is still in season so I wanted to make this recipe for a BBQ party on Saturday.  The party hosts have been trying really hard to transform their lives into healthy one so this was the perfect opportunity to share some healthy desserts with them.  Servings equal around 6 if you cut the bars into smaller sizes and considering the calorie count per bar this might be a smart idea.  Everyone loved the recipe and raved over the tasty crumble bars, (gasp!) even if they were raw vegan.  I’d highly suggest this for a small party or just home.  I’d believe the bars would freeze just fine for an individual sweet snack. Sorry we were in a rush and I forgot to take a photo…

2.  Raw Little Lemon Tart by Fragrant Vanilla Cake is a recipe I chose for our 8th anniversary celebration.   For months now I have been eyeballing this website and Facebook page but unfortunately we do not have a food dehydrator and I’m against leaving an oven on for a few hours at a time.  (Yep, I’m a greenie.)  This recipe required only a freezer which I was so thrilled after reading.  This recipe does take about 45 minutes to put together but well worth it.  The tart solidifies without any issues and just makes a delightful dessert on a nice occasion.  One suggestion though is to use at least double the amount of dates for the crust since it won’t stick together without the addition.

3.  Bean and Farro Salad with Cilantro Apple Dressing by Honest Fare.  This is a new website for me but when I came across this recipe I knew I had to make it since radishes are in season and it contained tons of protein (beans).  It’s a type of salad that’s good for an extremely hot day after a good workout.  It does look a bit strange since the cilantro in the dressing gives off a hint of green to the entire dish but it truly is tasty.  It makes around 4 servings, which we devoured.

4.  No Bake Brownie Bites by Running to the Kitchen.  This first caught my eye since it was raw vegan and required no baking (which in near 100F I’m not even contemplating turning on the oven).  I had thought of taking these bites to a party but then realized as I was making them there were not going to be enough.  Then after making them I didn’t want to share them so it all worked out for the best.  The bites are easy to put together and are tasty without that protein powder powdery texture.  I guess one could say it hides the protein powder.

5.  Genki Kitty Blueberry Protein Smoothie by, well, me.  We’ve really been hitting up the gym since our membership started this last weekend so we’ve been in need of a bit more food intake than on normal non-training days. (whatever those look like)  We made this in about 5 minutes.  It’s simple but if you are new to eating healthy and exercising this might be good for you.  Blend all ingredients together.  Enjoy!

½ – 1 banana (I keep mine in the freezer for smoothies on hot days)
1 c unsweetened almond milk
½ c blueberries
1 scoop protein powder

Have a favorite recipe on your blog and want me to test it?  Send it on over.  See the comments section for my email address.  I love testing recipes!