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Sorry for the super long posting this past weekend.  It’s been a long three day weekend full of fun things.  (Not to mention I just talk/write too much…oops)  See Part 1 Spelunking for Friday’s recap.

Saturday started out with a casual breakfast at home with the furry babies who were in much need of attention.  Then we headed out before 8AM to the Farmers’ Market – get there early for the best produce.  We arrived before the large crowd and purchased our small amount of produce.  I’m not sure if I mentioned this but we have been doing dinners with friends so our grocery hauls have had a bit more than normal.  We eat a lot but not as much as you see in the photos.  Next we went to our favorite local grocery store called Wegman’s to purchase some much needed fruit.  If the husband didn’t give me ‘the look’ I would eat only fruit all day long and nothing else.

Finally back at home we headed to our gated communities’ main office to purchase a gym membership since the weather has turned out more rainy than sunny this summer.  We were hoping to get away with not buying a membership but due to the weather it just isn’t possible.  At least we are blessed with the ability to afford the membership costs; we know it’s a privilege and not something to take lightly.  After paying we headed home to get into some workout clothes and head back to the gym.  Unfortunately our new cards didn’t work so there was a very long wait at the office and to find out that the card machine wasn’t writing the magnetic strips correctly so we would have to wait.  We were told we could knock on the window to get access by another member though – which is what we ended up doing.  1 hour later we were all sweating and happy inside and out. Anyone else get a ‘high’ off form being all sweating from hard work?Back home we took it easy making some delicious homemade guacamole and prepping sausage and PopCorners to take along to a picnic with our friends’ family.  We ended up spending 6 hours together just chatting and eating delicious vegan food.  (Unfortunately I forgot to take photos…oops)  Such a good time and we are so thankful that all the food was made vegan in our honor – so nice not to have to worry.  Our friends are trying to eat healthier so they took it as a challenge.  If you are reading, thank you so very much!    This was the first time ever having someone make a vegan meal for us. We appreciate it!

Sunday we were so tired we decided to take it easy.  During the middle of the day we decided we should head off to the gym and invited some local friends that also live in the gated community and have a gym membership.  We met up at the gym and spent another hour just lifting weights and having a fun time all together.  Everyone had to pull me away from the weight machines (seriously) to leave and take a walk looking over the lake we live on – so gorgeous!  I love seeing everyone out in the sunshine!  We were so inspired by the sunshine we then decided to take a break for an hour on the beach with a protein smoothie.

Tired and sweating we took showers and just basically did our lazy man stuff the rest of the night.  It was such a nice end to a great weekend full of working out and friends.  Plus, we picked our first homegrown cherry tomatoes!  Delish!  Summer just might work out.

How was your weekend?