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Happy Summer Everyone!  It just happened the first day of summer popped in on the same day as our trip to go down under.  Not that Down Under but rather spelunking.  It’s anniversary weekend so I made plans to travel to Grand Caverns in Grottoes, VA.  The website states it is the World’s Oldest Show Cave and well who wouldn’t want to see that?  So that’s how we kicked off our three day weekend of our 8th year celebration.

Grand Caverns is quite easy to find among the countryside cows and houses and we arrived just in time for the first viewing of the caverns.  It costs around $18.00 per person but if you mention their website you can get $2.00 off each ticket.  Our guide was home on vacation from college so it was a bit strange compared to other caverns in the area who do have older guides (some even have NPS officials).  She did a wonderful job for a college student but unfortunately she wasn’t able to answer questions.  These caverns have more “shields” compared to others in the nation so it is a nice tour however if it is your first one we highly suggest going to Luray Caverns first and then this one.  But then again maybe that’s just our opinion.

Three Shields together

Next we drove to Charlottesville, VA, around 45 minutes through the Shenandoah Mountains.  So gorgeous!  Timing was perfect since once we paid for parking we walked straight to Mellow Mushroom which just happens to serve vegan pizza with daiya cheese.  Hooray!  Our server was really nice and fast (perfect when you only have an hour worth of parking).  The pizza was so tasty – thankfully they aren’t any closer to home otherwise we’d definitely gain weight.

Naturally after devouring tons of pizza, we did what everyone does – we went to the running store called Ragged Mountain Running Shop.  For those of you wondering, there is free parking behind the shop.  Just remember to get it validated before leaving the shop.  This is another main reason why we wanted to stop by Charlottesville since we fell in love with the store during our last trip.  My old pair of running shoes had been rubbing on the side of my foot and the bottoms were seeing some major worn spots.  It was just time for new running shoes.  After about an hour of searching through the shoes I finally fell in love with Saucony Progrid Kinvara 2.

Yep, I’m back to Saucony which really suits my feet.  I’ll review them later since I’ve only run in them once so far – this weekend has been all about weight lifting.  Another item I found were two running bras which I’m just about as excited about finding.  Yay!

Shenandoah Mountains

Next up we went grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and C’ville Oriental.  We didn’t purchase much but enough that should last us about two weeks.

Since there are a ton of photos here I’m going to end here and share the rest in part 2 of our weekend recap.