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There’s something wrong with Mother Nature I think… who wants to sign a petition with our plea for non-rainy weather.  If you don’t agree, you must either not live in Virginia or love the idea of a free backyard swimming pool.  We live in a hilly location (as you probably know from my constant complaining) so on top of the hills the conditions are fine but when you get to the valley it’s like the swimming portion of a biathlon.  So free workout Tuesday is totally necessary, unless the petition to Mother Nature works…

Something I didn’t mention from this weekend was that our friends took us into our gated communities gym to check it out.  We totally fell in love, especially me with the separate weight lifting room.  I have a hidden secret, I love weight lifting even though we don’t have access to any right now.  It actually made me miss my old tiny gym – but this weekend we hope to get our membership once the office is open.  Hooray!  I can’t wait!  So this week’s inspiration is bodybuilding.

1.  Muscle and Strength:  This is a full website of workout plans to lift weights generally with free weights & one’s own body weight.  Simply figure out which workout plans you want to dive into and print it out for the gym (or for your home if available.)

2. Livestrong: This is a special 5 day workout that is generally made for woman however anyone can do it – we won’t tell guys.  Each day has a set of repetitions specifically targeting each area of the body.

3.  WeightTraining.com: It says its for an intermediate level but I think anyone can use this training plan that lasts for 30 days.  There are 4 different workout plans and different rotations for each one.  Each rotation shows beginners how to do each exercise so that no injuries occur.

So if you’re getting stir crazy like me, what is your favorite workout to do inside?