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myweekendHello Sunshine!  Weekend overload galore began on Saturday since it was only a two day weekend for us this week.  Saturdays are generally our long run days for our ½ marathon training program so that’s what we began with and just kept on running.

Long run Saturday on our training plan stated we were to run 1 hr 30 minutes, an additional 10 minutes.  We’ve been dreading this run for a week now but when we actually got to the day, we at a good hearty breakfast of a ½ an apple and 1 ½ English muffins each.  We added some peanut butter with the apple to have a little bit more energy throughout the run.  Our normal 1 hr 20 min run on Saturday usually consisted of around 7 miles so with the additional 10 mins we figured we would add another mile.  Once we hit the 3 mile mark we finally got into our groove and managed to not have a bad run – actually it was enjoyable.  Well, enjoyable if you don’t count the people parking illegally on the roadside instead of clear driveways obstructing our view to oncoming traffic, a lady that almost hit us while driving and putting lipstick on, and finally a person that served dangerous towards us.  It was a success! (Photo: obviously I don’t claim to be a model, just look at that pose… LOL)

After the necessary showers we took right off to the farmers market.  It was a bit busy probably due to Father’s Day but we managed to get our hands on some pretty good looking fresh produce.  In Central Virginia one can basically find super-greens (yep, they’re all super), a few strawberries & blueberries and tons of herbs plants to take home to your own garden.

Once our trunk was full of fresh produce, we headed one block down to our former favorite pizza place called Castiglia’s.  I’m sure you’ve heard about it here and here.  The last two times we have been to the restaurant we have really enjoyed the fresh pizza called ‘Vegetariana’.  Unfortunately this trip was not the case.  L  First of all they didn’t have any vegan cheese (75% of the time they do not!).  Secondly, we aren’t sure if there was a new person manning the brick oven or what but our pizza the first time came out raw.  I’m talking slimy on top and all the way through to the middle.  It was pretty gross.  We kindly sent it back and the server brought us a new one in about ten minutes. Unfortunately the outside was charred so much we couldn’t eat it.  Additionally there was hardly any toppings on it compared to other trips – which when you’re paying full price for a pizza without the cheese you’d expect to get at least more than two little pieces of artichoke.  It was really depressing since we have loved it the last few times.  We might try it again in a few weeks just to test the waters but for now we’ll stick to going elsewhere.  *whimper*

Next up we went home got in our beach gear to head to the beach but just as we were heading out the door our friends called and we all decided to go play tennis.  It was gorgeous outside so we couldn’t resist the opportunity.  2 hours later we were totally exhausted!  We went home made some BBQ tempeh sandwiches and Spring Salad with Strawberry Lemon Basil Dressing for dinner and just crashed the rest of the night.  I think we made it to the ripe hour of 9PM.  We’re living the life aren’t we?

Sunday the DH was feeling a bit sluggish so we didn’t manage to really do much in the exercise department.  As normal I woke up and after sending the pup up to sleep longer with the DH, the Genki cat and I went to make a Big Fat Coconut Breakfast Cake (went sticky again but still tasty – just messy).   

We did manage to get into town and purchase our fruit for the week.  (Not local yet…) Then a short trip to get some shoes for the DH and we were heading back home for a relaxing day at the beach as promised from Saturday. 

We got on the beach all setup and per normal, the sun went behind a large bunch of dark clouds.  Ha-ha  I think it was a sign it was just not meant to be this weekend.  So we stayed to read for about an hour and left before the rain started.  Since moving, we haven’t checked out our camping supplies so we had our large umbrella and tent airing outside.  So we mad dashed it to take showers and get the supplies in before the first rain fall…. we only got a little wet.  The furry babies thought it was a blast camping inside though.  We called our fathers for Father’s Day and then just made a simple Kale Saag Soup dinner with fresh kale from the farmers’ market.  Hooray!  We finished off the night watching a show of the BBC original Men Behaving Badly.

How was your weekend?