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What else is there to do but sing about the steaming hot weather – love it!  As I’m probably one of the few people that actually is dancing in the above 90F weather today, I’m guessing I can officially declare myself not a cold weather person.  Hot weather is our friend, just not 100% humidity.  Yuck!  Guess some you take some…  Seeing the earth was steaming below us, we didn’t want to cook (plus we have so many leftovers the fridge might burst!).  So it was leftover Wednesday- yay!


Cantaloupe, Coffee, English Muffin, Earth Balance Butter and a little Ikea Seaweed Vegetarian ‘caviar’ (which happens to be vegan).




Salsa, guacamole, vegan hot dog and Popchips Salsa Flavored.


Iced Coffee with 3x Protein Almond Milk & Brown Rice Cracker with Cookie Butter (good and bad together always makes harmony)


Red-leaf lettuce topped with cubed vegan hot dog and ¼ vegan sausage, sauerkraut, cucumber slices, tomatoes, salsa and a little guacamole.


2 Ice Cream Oreos (Have you seen these yet? Sweet and really tastes like ice cream)

Workout Notes: 

This week in training we had our first official “rest” week which basically meant we were to take it easier than the other weeks.  Our normal long run was shortened which was rather nice since it was raining like the world was about to end.  We actually did have one rain storm that we did run through but considering our shoes are still drying out, we wouldn’t recommend it to just anyone.  This weekend we are to run our normal long run and then tack on another 10 minutes!  Yikes!  I’m actually a little worried because the previous weeks were hard enough but to add another 10 minutes, this might just be my last WIAW posting.  Kidding of course, well I hope…  On a positive note- I made it through the entire Interval Training this last Tuesday.  It was cruel punishment but we made it through and had some great hilly paces.  So far we’re still loving the training plan and sticking to it.

Workout totals for the last 7 days:

*12.95 miles (I’ve been sick so we have missed a few walks and runs)
*678 ft elevation gain
*2:49:25 hours/mins/secs running & Walking (Doesn’t include indoor workouts for TIU #bikinibabes)  We weren’t able to walk as much this week due to severe weather.
*1,076 calories (does not include indoor workouts

I’d Love to know what all of you ate on Wednesday!  Comment below and I will create a link.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon!