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Free Workout Tuesday is the best isn’t it?  Every week I actually look forward to finding something new to try since if I don’t I end up doing the same thing continuously over and over until I don’t want to exercise anymore.  Lately we have been running a lot more but that is due to the ½ Marathon training we are challenging ourselves to right now.  Thankfully DH and I have been blessed thus far with good health so we are happy to endure in this training plan.  As many of you might be just starting or trying to switch things up, I love sharing smaller workouts that might encourage you to go small and then increase.  It really does sounds lame to say it but it just takes one small step.  Repetition teaches you how to do something and the love for working out just happens naturally.  Before long, you will enjoy working out and miss it when you can’t do it one day.  It does take time but trust me, it happens.

Here are a few challenges to follow along and learn to long working out:

1.  Canada’s Online Women’s Magazine called Divine.ca:  This is a helpful way to find out what workouts to do for your ‘targeted problem areas’. Click Here

2.  Arm Jiggle- Goodbye3.  Abdominal Workout- Yes please!  Think positive thinking on the beach this summer.  It also strengthens your core so that one can do daily tasks easier…

4.  Daily Workout Plan for the week:  This is perfect for those of you busy people that want something small to do throughout the week.

What’s your favorite workout right now?