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It’s been three days, as you might have guessed, it was another long weekend in the Genki household.  Not so unfamiliar from other weekends, we went on a grocery haul trip to the Washington D.C. area. Our little town is more of an historical hot spot for the Civil War instead of fresh, organic produce. Hence, we make the 45-60 min drive (without traffic) to our favorite grocery stores.  Our next few weeks we have some strict training planned and other events so we wanted to assure we were piled high with fresh food to make it through without too much hassle.

Friday started our grocery haul shopping…  It first started with a long, traffic-filled drive through tropical storm rain – thankfully we filled our Klean Kanteen Coffee containers before we left.  Note:  This step is a necessity!  First step was our favorite grocery store Lotte Korean Market.  Basically we purchased a ton of fresh produce.  Our highlight was fresh green almonds!  We couldn’t believe our eyes but were thankful we got the chance to try these since the gov’t does have strict regulations on how these are sold.  I believe stores are only allowed to sell 100 lbs of these fresh green almonds, farmers have a little more lean room but still strict.  It was our first sighting so we purchased a few for a trial.  (Then we did what everyone does, went home and researched on YouTube to figure out how to eat them. LOL)  We also picked up a ‘long squash’ that we need to research.  Next step, Trader Joes – another necessity…  Finally we rounded out our grocery shopping with Whole Foods.  Tons of food = trip complete.

Next up, lunch at (of course) Loving Hut which was really busy around noon.  It was still very rainy and cool so we decided to go ahead with Pho, a crispy chik’n sandwich and a Loving Hut salad.  We loved the two entrees but we have been noticing the last few trips the salad has been getting much smaller and less fresh toppings. *disappointed*  Then we headed out the door with our favorite Coffee Bubble Tea- delish!

Well, I thought it was complete until we stopped by the Potomac Mills Mall (which btw has outlet stores).  It’s a large indoor shopping mall so we just chose where we could find a parking spot just short of a marathon distance.  It was destiny though – since we walked into the mall and there was Under Armour.  Hooray!  (Note: All online orders have free shipping!!!)  My search was finally complete and I’m in love.  I’ve never been in or even seen a full store of U.A but I’m loving their concept that not everyone is one-size fits all.  Their compression shorts actually come in not only different colors but also three different lengths.  The inseam for women is 3,5, & 7”!  Finally I don’t have to fear showing off my butt while running!  Thank you Under Armour!!!  Results coming soon…

Saturday and Sunday we didn’t manage to get into much besides house cleaning and a little bit more grocery shopping at our local grocery store.  Additionally with all the rain, we had to purchase some more mosquito/tick protection since it’s turned into a breeding ground for them at our house.  Then on Sunday DH and I had a nice 5k training run where we actually PR’d in our new terrain.  We have another few minutes to knock off from our 5k pace to be back to the flat land pace of Cleveland.  Hooray – accomplishment!

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