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Still having some irritable stomach issues (I’m so sorry, I’m always honest at the fault of T.M.I at times) so things were a bit dull at the Genki household.   Unless stressed or stomach issues are causing issues, I normally have a huge appetite.  (Seriously, I’ve been known to eat a whole watermelon, alone, in one day.)  Today was different since I’m trying to eat ‘stomach friendly’ foods for easier digestion.  Apparently oatmeal has too much fiber, hence I had to arrange for a different breakfast option.  Additionally I found out that rice being higher in starch can not only settle the stomach but also aid in other aspects.  (Not going to cross that TMI line.)  All of the foods that I took in were supposed to be healthy, vegan and good for the ‘ol cranky stomach.  So here’s the low-down.

Breakfast #1: EmergenC with small glass of water (hidden in Orange glass to confuse my mind in thinking it was something better) & a cup of herbal tea.  Note:  Caffeine isn’t good for an irritable stomach so sorry coffee and green teas.

Breakfast #2: Watermelon since it was available and I can’t say no.  Note:  Watermelon is sometimes known as a diuretic but not for me, others might have issues with it.  For me, I find that the high water content is great for rehydrating when I need it the most. Snack:  Bananas are known for good digestion and contains a lot of vitamins & minerals that are commonly forgotten of when thinking of them. Lunch:  Leftovers from last night of Japanese inspired “Genki Kitty’s One-Pot Chicken Steamed Rice Dish Recipe”.  Seriously love this and the dish loves your stomach.  Rice is very commonly recommended to sick not only in humans but in canines too since it settles the stomach and helps harmonize the ‘issues’.  Additionally the miso soup side dish and in the rice both contained seaweed (wakame and hijiki) that contain tons of vitamins and minerals good for any day.  Miso paste also has natural probiotics that heal the body.

Snack:  Fruit contains a lot of Vitamin C, not just oranges.  I made a small bowl of ½ orange, pineapple, watermelon and 2 strawberries.

Dinner: Raw vegan tacos in which I skipped the lettuce wrap and just made a salad.  On top was a little shredded carrot, vegan tacos stuffing and 2 tbsp mock pepperoni crumble.  Unfortunately my stomach was irritable so I didn’t finish this plate but it was delicious!

Snack:  Pineapple Coconut Ice Bar (not ice cream) and it was delicious and cooling to the overworked sore stomach.

My Workout Details:

Workout totals for the last 7 days:
*15.65 miles (I’ve been sick so we have missed a few walks and runs)
*1,196 ft elevation gain
*4:03:24 hours/mins/secs running & Walking (Doesn’t include indoor workouts for TIU #bikinibabes)
*1,376 calories (does not include indoor workouts

I’d Love to know what all of you ate on Wednesday!  Comment below and I will create a link.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon!