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Sometimes it happens even to the best of vegans, an irritable stomach.  For some unknown reason, I have a very irritable stomach that has been giving me severe cramps and ‘bathroom issues’.  I’ve read that a person should wait at least 3-7 days for irritable stomachs to visit the doctor, so that’s what I’m doing.  Two days in I’m still feeling rather sick but doing much better.  Seeing I must be close to a bathroom at all times, it has meant I haven’t been able to go for our training plan runs which has been getting at me greatly.  Running is my method of choice for exercise that helps reduce stress so missing a few days isn’t good for my mind and body.  Hence, I decided to look for a few workouts that might relieve a little in the stomach area and thought some of you might be having the same issue.

For reading and exercising:

1.  Livestrong Yoga Poses

2.  Help for IBS

3.  Divine Caroline

For watching and exercising:

1.  Yoga and Digestion: Simple Seated Sequence by Nadya Andreeva

2.  YOGA for IBS & DIGESTION with YogaYin

My suggestions for the occasional irritable stomach:  Drink lots of water, green tea, and coconut water as one can become easily dehydrated.  Additionally I like to increase the fruit I eat (yes, fruit) since it contains a lot of fiber and Vitamin C which helps boost your immune system and fight disease or other minor stomach bug.  Finally you must remember the body is working overtime so make sure to get plenty of sleep – even if it means taking a cat nap during the daytime.